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Orca Conservancy Continues Support for Maintaining the Core Conservation Provisions of the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Act

Below please find Orca Conservancy's comment expressing support for maintaining the core conservation provisions of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, our nation’s primary ocean fish conservation law.    This letter will be included at the hearing being held by the House Natural Resources Committee on Wednesday, July 19, regarding the oversight of the Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Management Act (MSA).  For more information, please go to: 

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Orca Conservancy – Orca Protectors | July 4th 2017 | San Juan Island

The Orca Protectors’ debut was in the Friday Harbor 4th of July Parade on San Juan Island. The event was sponsored by the San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce. Sixteen organizations — each dedicated to the protection of the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale — marched together showing their shared support of the orcas. Our region’s resident orcas — J, K and L pods — are at a critical juncture. NOAA has declared Southern Resident Killer Whales one of only eight “Spotlight” species (out of 1,652 on the Endangered Species list). Spotlight species are considered most at risk of extinction unless immediate…

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Orca Conservancy Volunteers with Local Restoration Project – DIRT

Orca Conservancy volunteer, Elliot Ness, spent the early morning hours on Saturday, July 1 with the Duwamish Infrastructure Restoration Training (DIRT) in restoring a portion of Westcrest Park. DIRT, along with its volunteers, cleared THREE heaping piles of Himalayan blackberry. This time most all clearing area was done in the underbrush. DIRT Corps provides Green Infrastructure Career Training for South Seattle Young Adults. Our focus is Urban Forestry, Green Infrastructure, and Wetlands. The program provides hands-on training with a focus on rain garden and cistern design/build, operations and maintenance (O&M), vegetation management, and ecological restoration. Killer whales are an iconic species here…

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Orca Conservancy Sponsors Beach Clean Up in honor of Orca Month

Beach Clean Up! June 10, 2017 - Orca Conservancy board members, volunteers, and community members of Shorewood on the Sound came out and picked up over 150 pounds of trash from a private beach for the orca month event. This year, our efforts also went international as Orca Conservancy Board Director, Brian Calvert, organized a beach clean up at Subic Bay, Philippines!

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Orca Conservancy attends the 2017 Sustainamania | Bothell, Washington | June 3

On June 3, 2017 Orca Conservancy participated in the '2017 Sustainamania' event held in Bothell, Washington. This FREE fun event takes place on the first Saturday in June and provides tips about sustainability for all ages! We talked with local residents about sustainability programs in the community and how living sustainably helps our endangered Southern Resident orcas.

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OC Board Member Michael Harris Steps Down

The Board of Directors of Orca Conservancy has decided to grant Michael's request for time away to pursue a political career. Orca Conservancy appreciates him many years of leadership. Highlights of his time on the board include our successful action to ensure Southern Resident orcas received protection under the Endangered Species Act.  OC played a key role in the rescue of Springer and her successful return to her pod.  Work with the Navy to prevent exposure to mid-frequency sonar was successful for many years.  Work to protect and restore habitat to support salmon recovery, and in turn orca recovery, has been a hallmark…

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Orca Conservancy funds Scientific Research to Help Southern Resident Killer Whales

Thanks to generous donations, Orca Conservancy is pleased to announce the funding of a scientific research project to continue with our efforts in assisting with the recovery of the endangered Southern Resident killer whales. This research project which is nearing completion, will also be presented at the 22nd Biennial Society for Marine Mammalogy Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals being held October 22 - 27, 2017 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The research 'To Develop a Quantitative Model of the Importance of Factors affecting Southern Resident Killer Whale Population Dynamics' currently being conducted by Dr. David Bain, will utilize the Southern…

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Orca Conservancy Supports Protection of the South Fork Skykomish River

The following letter was sent to Governor Jay Inslee, and the State Department of Ecology. The South Fork Skykomish River is home to ESA threatened Chinook (King) salmon, the main food source of the ESA listed Southern Resident killer whales.

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Orca Conservancy’s official comment on NOAA-NMFS-2016-0152 | Whale Protection Zone for Southern Resident Killer Whales

Orca Conservancy's official comment on NOAA-NMFS-2016-0152 | Whale Protection Zone for Southern Resident Killer Whales

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Thank you to the Merkle Dream Grant | Merkle, Inc.

Merkle, Inc. is a global data-driven, technology-enabled performance marketing agency. For more than 25 years, Fortune 1000 companies and leading nonprofit organizations have partnered with Merkle, Inc. the nation’s largest privately-held agency, to maximize the value of their customer portfolios.   Each quarter, Merkle, Inc. gives out Dream Grants. Recently Orca Conservancy (OC) was the recipient of the philanthropic Dream Grant, and it couldn't come at better time! This particular group is based out of Charlottesville, VA but made the trip to Seattle to meet with OC's Board Director, Dr. David Bain to learn a little more about the work we do. During…

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