Orca Conservancy is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working on behalf of orcinus orca, the killer whale, and protecting the wild places on which it depends.

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100% of your tax-deductible contribution will go directly to researchers in the field and to projects immediately addressing Southern Resident orca recovery in the Pacific Northwest.

About Orca Conservancy

Successful petitioner & litigant in orca ESA case. Leader in the historic Springer rescue, the first-ever successful translocation & reintroduction of a wild killer whale

Orca Conservancy is an all-volunteer, registered Washington State 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working on behalf of orcinus orca, the killer whale, and protecting the wild places on which it depends. Orca Conservancy collaborates with some of the world’s top research institutions and environmental groups to address the most critical issues now facing wild orcas.


The organization’s urgent attention is on the Endangered Southern Resident killer whales of Puget Sound. These three pods, J Pod, K Pod and L Pod, have been decimated by the depletion of prey resources, the accumulation of marine toxins, increased acoustic disturbance and harassment, and the destruction of salmon spawning and nearshore habitats, the nurseries of the Salish Sea.

The Lolita Plan

The four-phase campaign plan we founded to reintroduce Lolita into the ocean and give her the freedom she deserves.

Lolita has been captive since 1970. Currently in solitary confinement in the Miami Seaquarium, we believe she deserves to live out the final years of her life with dignity and respect she hasn’t known in 45 years. This is our plan to return Lolita to her to family amongst the Southern Resident killer whales.

Lolita in Miami Seaquarium

Important Past Campaigns

As an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, your entire donation goes towards making possible campaigns and projects which directly affect the lives of individual orca whales. These are some of the ways that Orca Conservancy, and your donations, are helping.

The Springer File

This is the extraordinary odyssey of A73, or “Springer,” the orphan orca calf once stranded in congested mid-Puget Sound, now successfully returned to her family in majestic Johnstone Strait, British Columbia.

This unprecedented effort, documented here in coverage and commentary, began in January 2002 when The Center for Whale Research and our friend, Mark Sears, first encountered this mysterious and friendly visitor… a whale so friendly, in fact, we needed to move fast to keep her from getting in trouble with the townsfolk.

The Luna File

This is the chronicle of a juvenile whale gone solo in Nootka Sound, BC, and Orca Conservancy’s three-year battle to keep him safe, and to engage the entire community to find a timely and respectful way to reconnect him with his endangered orca family in Puget Sound. It’s a tale with many turns, but in the end, an avoidable tragedy.

The ESA File

It was late May 2003 and our Petition to National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to list the Southern Resident orcas of Puget Sound as “Endangered” under the ESA was rejected. Things looked very bleak for the whales. All but four of our original Petitioning groups dropped out (and in fact, TWO of the remaining plaintiff organizations were actually directed by members of our OC Board). We were up against the world, but Orca Conservancy fought on.

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